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Now that you're here - some 'how-tos'

Welcome to this space that has been co-created with intention to foster and nurture your experience with Martine over the next 7 months. As you have now made your way online, I thought I would share a few helpful tid-bits and open the floor to any questions you may have.

Members area

This is an exclusive area not accessible by the public (only team Chakraees), the current tabs on this space are; Your Profile: here you have the ability to customise your profile including your profile picture, member area cover image and enter your own little bio. My INTENSEives: access to current and previous online course content is accessible here. (Anyone who has access to Martine's other courses, this will be reinstated soon and accessible here too).

My Bookings: coming soon will be the ability to book online sessions with Martine. My Account: general update of your display name and contact details.

Settings: where you can select which notifications you will receive.

Notifications: a list of all those notifications and these notification messages are also links to the posts / group. As the website build continues, this Members area will expand to include purchase / shop history, event links etc

Tips & Tricks

This is a fresh and new space, and no doubt we may experience some teething problems as we are getting use to everything, if something isn't working, please bear with us, I will do my best to get in and fix things / update things and help wherever possible. As the website isn't LIVE live, yet - there is the small member login menu placed on each page, if you get stuck somewhere and can't navigate back, use the member drop down menu to return to the Chakraee Home Page. A few other things to note;

Accessing content - Generally speaking the course content is most efficiently and effectively accessed and worked on on laptop or desktop. There is a little 'expand' button in the top right hand corner that will open up the course content onto the entire screen space.

Answering questions in the online course - Already covered by Martine, there is the option to answer some of the course questions online this year, these are not (at this stage) able to be downloaded, BUT can be viewed during and after the course has been completed. These answers are able to be viewed by yourself and the admin team only. Not every question or piece of homework has a corresponding online question, for other questions, you may like to copy and paste these into the Epoch Room to share.

Posting in the Group - As we have moved away from Meta, we don't have the millions (or billions) invested in the coding of the platform to rely on, so things may be a little 'clunky' or 'slow' at times. My speciality is finding solutions, so if you are finding some things in particular, please reach out and I will do my best to help and we can brainstorm a work around.

There are also 'TOPICS' in the group that you can add to your post - at the bottom left of the post is a little 'tag' emoji where you will find a list of different topics.

Posting Videos - we have been made aware of a tech issue arising then attempting to upload video content, that the upload button IS THERE, but it is clear / white and not visible, but can still be clicked on to open your file folder - you will see your mouse cursor change from an arrow to a pointing hand indicating when you oare hovering over the link. (This doesn't seem to be an issue when using the WIX Spaces App)

Have you?

  • Visited the Epoch Room to post an introduction and a pic?

  • Be sure you have read the two introductory blogs from Martine on what this space is about and what 2024 has to offer us?

  • Downloaded the WIX Spaces app? (available on Android and Apple). You can login with the same details as the website and we have setup a little mini online app space that may be helpful for those of you wanting to access the Group and Course Content on the go. **please note that not all of the Chakra Immersion pages and access is available on the app, at this point it is ONLY the Epoch Room and the Chakra Immersion online content

  • Found the Online Course Content and checked you can access the first part of the course?

  • Considered an 'Interrogation Session'? These are where you volunteer to be 'called out' during a particular Zoom Session of your choice, you may have something of significance or special to share in that month. There is a button to book this in from the Chakra Immersion Home Page.

Need help?

I am here to help with anything that comes up - you can use the online chat feature (button at the bottom right) or feel free to email Martine ( or myself (

Tracy x

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