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2024 Chakra Immersion - What Energy is coming in?

What were last years Immersion Themes – (2023)?

Well, I am sure that the chakreeees that are back for yet another round can attest to this:

1. Truth

2. Vulnerability

3. Openness to a completely unplanned and new way of being

Truth was revealed…

We collectively and individually faced truths about ourselves that we have either previously been able to 'sweep under the rug' or have not yet seen come into consciousness. Many took us by surprise and opened doors we didn’t even know we had dreamt.

There was a theme to align to our truth and thereby a natural raising to the surface

those things that could not come into that space.

'Rocking the boat' meant it opened us up to a very enlightening time, but also a tricky time

as everything we had created before us essentially went to dust – many deaths making

way for rebirths.

If it did not align, we made the choice once more towards 'truth' over anything that was

not of that frequency.

This is then impacted our relationships, jobs, health and well-being and money - it had to

come up to shift and boy did it ever!

Hence why the themes las year were the base chakra so we were essentially being

rocked straight up. The link to the truthful third eye became the almighty revealer -

front and centre, where we could not close the eye to where we were not trusting,

having faith and surrendering the control…

Please jump in 2023 crew and share your experiences to our sacred space… I know that it

was hands down one of the most vulnerable years I had in the immersion with my entry into

it landing myself in hospital where I became the challenger, vibration raiser and truth giver

all over a trauma wound in my hand that was originally a full ligament tear that I healed

before the operation…. Shall we save the details of that story for another time?


What the bleep is this year going to be about then….?

1. Challenge

2. Change

3. Communication

4. Connection

Ooooh drop the mic!

Well, we do not REALLY know yet – it will unfold and become clear most likely in October

when we finish! However, there are some themes that have come through since the

knowing that this year’s chakra immersion would go ahead – yup, that for me is still an

uncertainty each year until I feel the message come in strongly to bring the energies back in

for another season…

So, as you know so far, the base and sacral are the entry points into each chakra immersion

and these are always very intense and 3D chakras that carry with us the depth of trauma,

beliefs and patterns that tend to be acting as subconscious, stuck or imprinted energies in

our body/mind etc.

We begin each year in the base as it guides us into challenging our perceptions of safety,

security, control and how we feel grounded to name a few. What it challenges us in is our

ability to question these 3D and fear based identities with how they truly inhibit us from

being our absolute selves. Things get sticky real fast, the truth however, also becomes known

and felt very quickly and so we begin to unfold the four petals of the base chakra and align

to our true connection to our beautiful world and incarnation.

The Sacral is the focus for this year which in turn means the throat is also the focus as the

two are deeply interlinked.

The big energy is about activation, rejuvenating and reawakening another intuitive part of

ourselves through the sexual consciousness and our sentience within our sexual energy.

I alike this to getting to know yet another aspect of the self that becomes our guide, a tool

to take us within and remember who we are for this is the energy moving forward…

No book or ‘teacher’, ‘mentor’ or ‘guide’ will truly be able to impart this knowledge unto

you, it will be an awakening, unique to you and activated with your intention and inner


We know other senses we have been guided to awaken and trust:

1. Our ‘gut instinct’

2. Our ‘intuition’

3. Our ‘heart/love’

This is not something we are taught very well through our sexual energy as it is often

shamed or wronged or asked to be ‘kept behind closed doors’.

Well look out! This year, we are all about to be taken on a bit of a different journey with this

– the only thing I encourage you to do is to be open and know, that you will continue to be

your own teacher in this…

The chakra immersion in 2024 is about you, not seeking outside you for the answers,

building a deep inner trust and remembering that you have everything you need already

inside you and all around you is an abundance of support driving you back into yourself to

regather truth.

The beauty is that each of us within the immersion are also part of that support, supporting

each other and inspiring each other through being vulnerable and willing to simply show up

in our truth.

The journey we each take will be unique, how we serve always is……

This will organically drive the change that will then in turn allow you to communicate your

new fully aligned truth and then in turn call forth deep connection to the self and ALL

around you…


M x

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