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homeopathic, nutritional and spiritual guidance to support your layered journey through this lifetime

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Truth Alignment

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Truth Alignment

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I've been with Martine for nearly 3 years now, and I can't imagine I'll have even close to tapped all her knowledge and skills with another 10 years. Aside from the clinic, I've enjoyed healing sessions, meditations, workshops, online mini courses and a 7 month long chakra course whilst learning about the brilliant world of Homeopathy

Vanessa Q.

Martine has changed my life, working on my pain and my mindset with her insight, homeopathic remedies and kind wisdom. I would and do recommend her to anyone.

Lisa N.

Martine is unbelievably switched on. No nonsense, straight to the point - no time wasting. I cannot recommend Martine highly enough as my health, body and quality of life is improving every single day! Run - don't walk to work with her!

Katrina C.


Dive deep into the realms of homeopathy, energy work, and spiritual growth, and discover practical tools to enhance your well-being and vitality.

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Book a consultation and take the first step towards achieving optimal health and vitality. Let's work together to create a personalized wellness plan tailored to your unique needs.


These immersive experiences are designed to guide you through deep personal growth, providing intensive support and insight along the way. Are you ready?

Energetic Medicine

Through personalised sessions, where anything can happen, Martine utilises various modalities to restore balance and vitality to your mind, body, and spirit.

So! Who's page have you landed on...

This world I am immersed in has been alive and kicking in clinical practice for over 15 years. I combine the tools I use with homeopathy (a somatic ass kicker that surprises me everyday), energy work including direct light healing, codes, activations, sound and quantum downloads as well as nutrition, HTMA testing and mineral rebalancing, workshops, retreats and short and long deep activation immersions.

You can read more about each method and tool here...

I am a straight shooting vibration raiser, bringing the highest love frequencies to the table so that we can see what is ACTUALLY being aligned to. It is imperative address the emotional, mental and spiritual expressions alongside the physical symptoms. We need not be ‘Healed’, but truly remember who and what we are. Divine, perfect and whole. 

I have set the tone to attract those who desire to flip their fear based perceptions around health and vitality into proactive accountability and 2mm moves that create impactful and long lasting change.

We are all unique snowflakes and the one size fits all approach is not in alignment with truth. Navigating our way back to the self and discernment is  what you will be immersed in here.

I have an immense passion for raising people up beyond the suffering they feel within their perceptions. This is what I call the ‘pain point’. We all have them, and it is us alone that allows them to drive our worlds and shape the choices we make. Yes, we have all the life we have experienced thus far and all the genetic, societal, cultural and environmental influences to include in the development of these 'patterns, beliefs and expressions (physical and emotional) however, we as we move through 4D and into 5D frequencies, it is these that we cannot take with us. Working with what I like to call 'Critical mass' where we tip these 'values' over the 51% into the quantum field of light is where we are all heading;

Love is the answer, what is the question?

Professional Biography

Martine Robertson is a dedicated practitioner, holding a Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine from Nature Care College in Sydney, and a Diploma of Metaphysical Healing from Chiara College in Sydney.


As a proud member of both the Australian Register of Homeopaths and The Australian Homeopathic Association, Martine practices in the vibrant community of Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia, extending her services nationally and globally, seeing clients in person or via Zoom.


Beyond her private practice, Martine is committed to nurturing the next generation of natural therapists through mentoring and training workshops and a variety of home schooling, holiday, and in-term offerings for aspiring light workers. Explore upcoming events or get in touch with Martine for further information. 

BA Homeopathic Medicine
Nature Care College

Diploma Metaphysical Healing
Chiara College of Metaphysics


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