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Mums and Bubs Workshop

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The perfect introduction to homeopathy for new Mums with Bubs. Consider this a Homeopathic first aid course with Martine Robertson in the comfort of your home. Lifetime Access: Once enrolled, this course is yours for life. Explore the content at your own pace and revisit the modules whenever you need a refresher. Accompanying Workbook: This resource is designed to complement the workshop videos, providing a structured framework to capture essential information and personal insights. This 2 hour Workshop covers: What is Homeopathy?! Martine introduces you to the core principles and philosophy that underpin this transformative healing art. Gain a deep understanding of how homeopathy works and its potential to enhance you and your little ones well-being through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Materia Medica: The description of the medicines that we use, it is the study of the origin and properties of substances. - Conception, Pregnancy and Birth - Post Birth - Breast Feeding - Colic - Teething - Fever - Croup - Injuries and Wounds - Tissue Salts Post Natal Self Care Just as important as Bubs' needs are Mums' needs. Learn essential self-care practices to ensure your own health and well-being are nurtured as you care for your baby. Additional Resources and Support This course is an invaluable resource for Mums and Bubs into the world of homeopathy and discovering how to naturally support your family's health from the very beginning.

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