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Tools - Remedies, Elixirs, Extras and Essences

Updated: Apr 10


Extra Sessions

This year we are blessed with some extra sessions to explore some of the Chakras even further.

Introducing Colleen Talbot who we will be working with in the Sacral Chakra and again in the Throat Chakra

and Helen Elder who we will be meeting in the Heart Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra

More details to come as we get closer to the live dates!

Who's excited??!!


Elixir Spray & Homeopathic Remedy

Aquamarine 200c Homeopathic Remedy and Aquamarine Release and Realign Auric Elixir Spray

This was created on the Eclipse Full moon 25/26 March 2024 as a Full moon essence, made on Pyrite in free form and a star.

Pyrite is a deeply grounding crystal and is affiliated with how you prosper in life and

create abundance in all forms. I feel its connection to all chakras as pyrite gives us a

sense of personal power, confidence, and motivation. As we connect with pyrite, its

radiant energy can help us ignite our inner fire, empowering us to step into our true


Aquamarine Homeopathic Preparation 200c – this remedy came in like a flooding

gate – appearing clearly as soon as I asked what I need to put in this elixir.

Aquamarine Themes – from Proving in Perth, Australia July 2008

Conducted by Peter Tumminello

1. Letting go of past relationship >> singing and music

2. Aquamarine is for creativity with voice and musical self. 

3. Healing boundaries with family, individuals, work group, boss, love partner

4. Not taking on emotions of others, clear what is mine and what is theirs. Keeping boundaries with fun and creativity

5. Sense of used; abused; bullied; unjustly treated; picked on; 

6. Finding your voice and openly voicing what you think Connects strength of solar plexus to heart and head and enables you to voice it; 

7. Clarity of thought, alertness and eyesight improved. 

8. Those who are easily overshadowed or wiped out by others.

Arborvitae oil is a popular oil for its spiritual benefits. Many people use arborvitae oil

to open their minds and increase their understanding of spiritual matters. It can also

be helpful in reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

It is known to be a powerful purifier and aid in protection from negative energy. When

used in meditation, arborvitae can help connect you with your spiritual guides and

provide guidance.

In addition, arborvitae is thought to promote growth of the soul and increase intuition.

If you are looking to enhance your spiritual practice, consider adding arborvitae

essential oil to your routine.


1. The drops – take orally 5 drops daily or as intuit – you can go on it for a week

and then off it for a week or you can stay on it a while or do a week of every

chakra – you choose. The world is your oyster.

2. The Elixir – 2 sprays around your aura or space daily or a few times a day

With both, observe how you feel in the time after you have taken the liquid or

sprayed the elixir…Journal if you can link anything

  • Also experiment with the time of the day you do this – if you take it in the

morning, what does the day end up presenting, if you take it at night, do you

have more vivid dreams?

  • Or… ... ...just take the drops and spray the spray for shits and giggles without

psychoanalysing your every move – The choice is yours!



Many of you have the Homeopathic Chakra Set of 7 remedies either from the 7 week immersion or your dedicated commitment in previous chakra immersion. Others have a single chakra remedy here or there. 

In the coming weeks, the set or singular remedies will be available to purchase in the shop however in the interim, if you desire a little extra kick, there are available for you to purchase.

Single Remedy - $22

The Set $120 (Immersion special)

Email to order x

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