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Updated: Apr 30

Your comprehensive guide to deepening your understanding and practice as you delve into the foundational energy centre of the the Base Chakra.

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Movement - Yoga Offering

Listen here or read below

The Base, Sacral and Solar are very earth based chakras. What I mean by that is that they

need the earth based principals that we align to to be there in the first place. They not only

energetically anchor our vibrations to the earth (base), create our reality and all within it

(sacral) and move within it (solar), but they house the karma, lineage binds and previous

lifetimes of duality within them - this is what we are working through with awareness here -

this is what the 7 month immersion is truly about...

So because they are of the Earth, we need the Earth to help us unlock, raise up and transform

the energies within them - much like when a bearing cannot move because it is bogged with

rust or fluff or debris of some kind - we desire our balls of light to move freely...this allows

them to atone to the dharma of our souls - the innate reason, purpose for this incarnation and

timelines to which we are here...more on that in times to come.

The point of this post is to think this base, what can you do to move just a little more in a way

you have not moved before...Does this mean a few hip sways here and there, or aim to put

your socks on by bringing your feet to you rather than you to your feet (abductor check Ha!)

does this mean you ride to wherever you need to go rather than walk or drive? Maybe this is

simply you stretching for 5 min before bed or on rising... it doesn't have to be big, it doesn't

have to be small, it just desires to be something - a movement...

Maybe you need to journal this? What does movement mean to you? What happens to my

bod, mind and soul when Martine tells me to move? What do I get excited about? What do I

dislike about the thought? I will spend the coming weeks adding a few tools to your kit

around exercises that are (in my eyes) simple to add to a daily routine.. I may give them in

virtual form but once you get the hang of them, you can take them to the beach, the park, the

backyard without a device and just you, then sun and a nice outlook and spend a moment to

intend the release of any stuck energies through this movement.

Here is my first offering. Her name is Allie Van Fossen, she is a yoga instructor and she has a

ridiculous amount of online yoga classes that range from 5 min to over an hour.... This is her

BASE CHAKRA series purely - so you can see she has a number to choose from... again, we

need to resonate with the voice and soul so if she is not for you, simply take the idea to move

through yoga or stretching and intuitively take yourself there - or journal about why she

annoys you, that is probable equally productive - ha!

Root Chakra Affirmations

Base Crystals

Next BASE tool will be added here.

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